• In case of normal death under the scheme, at the age of 45 years or less, Rs. 75 thousand rupees, more than Rs. 45 years. 25 thousand rupees, in case of accident, Rs. The assistance amount of 1 lakh is payable. During the construction work, Rs. 200000 / - in case of death due to accident and Rs. 75000 / - in case of permanent disability during the construction work is payable! In addition to the above, instant mortgage assistance of Rs 5000 / - is also payable in case of death. The application must be submitted within 6 months of the death!
  • Registered Construction Workers, State's Janani Suraksha Yojana, Dindayal Antyoday Yojana, State / District Disease Assistance Fund, health insurance scheme for registered unorganized construction workers living below poverty line, any other life insurance policy, health care The scheme in which the registered workers get eligibility, the benefits are received! According to the provision of these schemes, the equivalent benefit by the respective departments in the case of non-receipt of profit
  • The benefit of this scheme is up to three months of delivery. 45 days of low wages for registered women workers, and Rs. 1400 Nutrition allowance for rural area and Rs 1,000 For the urban area and the minimum wage for 15 days for registered male workers (on the basis of the minimum wage announced on 1st April of every year). The application must be submitted within 60 days of delivery!
  • In the event of 25 thousand rupees per marriage assistance and group marriage arrangement, 23 thousand rupees and 2 thousand rupees are arranged separately for the organizer. Applicant must apply 1 day before the proposed date of marriage! It is necessary for the Registered Construction Worker and his daughter to sign. Under the Marriage Support Scheme, maximum two daughters are given assistance. Registered construction worker's age should not be less than 18 years old!
  • Registrar of the registered construction worker's son / daughter / wife is regularly recited as a postgraduate from class 1 and eligible for research work to get the benefit of Rs. 500 / - to 10,000 / -. To get the incentive amount, it is necessary to submit the application in the prescribed form by March 31. Beneficiaries are to be given to any one child / wife or two children of registered construction workers under the scheme.

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